My life so far has had a lot to do with Physics. I am a Physics Engineering Graduate. My College (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) was and still is involved with CERN and with Large Hadron Collider Project in particular!



A torus is a mathematical surface with a hollow doughnut shape. Designing a pattern so that multiple line segments are shown on a curved surface, such as that of a torus, is not easy. To distinguish between the line segments emanating from a dot, each segment had to have a different slope.

Those slopes had to be modified in a manner consistent with the curvature of the torus in order to maintain the 7-fold symmetry. Added to this, the fact that the dots were of nonzero height and width made slope calculations even more difficult.


The Möbius band above, knitted from hand-spun wool/silk yarn, is designed to be worn as a scarf. The graph edges are more clearly defined here because the object is larger and thus the mesh contains a greater number of stitches.

Via Sarah-Marie Belcastro & American Scientist.

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