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The school is intended for postdocs, lecturers and predocs with a background in computer science (artificial intelligence) or computational linguistics (corpus linguistics or natural language processing) and a strong interest in music and the origins of language. There will be background lectures that introduce concepts from biology, anthropology, psychology, music theory and linguistics that are helpful to understand the nature of creativity, the role and intimate relations between language and music, and the mechanisms underlying cultural evolution. It contains technical lectures on the fundamental computational components required for language processing and technical ateliers to learn how to set up evolutionary linguistics experiments. Participants have the opportunity to present their latest research in a poster session. The school also features artistic ateliers in which participants create new creative works and engage in performance.

Music and the Origins of Language
International Summer School on Agent-based Computational Models of Creativity, 15 – 20 September 2013 in Cortona (Italy)


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